Al Qoyawayma Pottery

Ceramic Arts of the Southwest

My Pottery Style

In the following pages Al Qoyawayma’s artistry and personal journey are reflected in the beauty and unique nature of his Hopi pottery.

“During the creative process I am privileged to be present, watching as the unseen hands and the gift of the Creator’s energy flows into my work. For this I am deeply thankful. Do I pray when forming pots? Certainly.”

Al Qoyawayma, “A Measure of Harmony”, 1982

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Artist’s Statement

I am of the second generation of Hopi beyond the broken pattern, a pattern, a way of life totally foreign to the western world. With the full influence of western civilization I am the products of two worlds. Out of our family clan, the Coyote Clan, it was said that we would be the generation to meet the new world and make changes…… that was our ancient role as the Coyote Clan….to be those who go before. It is only natural that one of our basic survival

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