Arizona State Museum Group Visit

Friday April 4th, 2014

On Friday, April 4th, I was most fortunate in being able to host a unique group of Arizona State Museum supporters allowing me to describe the creative process for my Hopi ceramic creations. I introduced them to my mentor Poligaysi (Elizabeth White) and our Coyote clan heritage which was imbued with the incredible Sikyatki yellow ware tradition, having those creative roots (AD 1300-1500).

I thank my fellow artist Gerry Quotskuyva for introducing to Darlene Lizarraga, Director of ASM Marketing who set up the tour. They stayed here in Prescott at the Hassayampa Hotel prior to their visit.

The ASM group visited my Prescott home studio for about 2 hours a week ago. The group included Patrick Lyons, PhD, Director of the Arizona State Museum and long time acquaintance Diane Dittemore, Head of ASM Collections. We had a very vibrant exchange, with ASM concluding their visit by acquiring a creation I call the Atzlan Bowl, a polychrome creation that includes six panels of ancient bird and feather motifs. I highly appreciate that acquisition for ASM.

To all those guests participating I appreciate your visit and kind words. I will look forward to our future dialog. In the ancient circle of occupation Prescott, this area ³Peeski², was on the southwestern edge in our sites of occupation.

To all of you visiting, I hope see you in another time and another place soon! I will be posting excerpts from some video footage that we took in the studio as soon as we’re done editing.

Kwakwhá (Thank you),

Al Qöyawayma